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High School Re-Design

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Book Study: Change Leadership: A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools


What is our VISION for reform at BHS?

  • What do we want to do now?
  • In 5 years?
  • In 10 years?
  • What do we need to make that happen?
  • What systematic changes will we have to make?


          Offers research for why we need to reform; Defines what 21st Century Skills need to be taught in schools;

          outlines reform ideas to transform k12 schools.


Resources & Ideas

          Lays out a vision of what school 2.0 should look like and offers leadership resources for change.

          Jim Yeager is the Instructional Technologist, leading Pottsville in technology integration. They're doing some wonderful project-based learning at Pottsville.

          Check out their website. The school's web page is the hub for all the activities and integration they do.


Existing Charter Schools

Charter School in Arkansas (Restrictions & Guidelines)

Meeting Minutes

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