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Digital Tools

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                                                                           The goal of technology integration is to use technology         

                                                                           seamlessly so that the technology itself

                                                                           becomes a transparent and integral tool to teach core


                                         - Technology & Curriculum Integration, Digital Learning Environments 

Top 5 Tools for Teachers (for students too!)

          Google allows you to personalize your home page, creating your own digital workspace where you can arrange your tools and resources

          at your fingertips. You select gadgets (Google's word) to include on your page. There are thousands, but you need to select just a few

          essential tools to help make your workspace more efficient (don't get too carried away!).  


  • Google Reader

          Wish you could find a way to manage the tons of information online? You can!



  • del.icio.us 

    When we discover a site or webpage we want to find later, most of us Click Favorites >Add to Favorites. Imagine being able

          to keep your favorite web pages online where you can access them from any computer with Internet access. Imagine being

          able to share your favorites and see the favorites of other people. Imagine finding other people with similar interests and

          exploring the sites they add to their favorites! Enter social bookmarking. Del.icio.us (pronounced decilious) is one of many

          social bookmarking tools. 



          Blogs are a quick, easy way to publish content online. Whether you use blogs to communicate information to and interact

          with parents and students or become a blogger--reading, reacting, and writing, blogs can revolutionize your personal and

          professional practice. Learn More.


          Wikis allow multiple people to collaborate and create online content. This site is a wiki, which we all will all continue building, adding content! Any!one can 

          create a wiki!



Want More?

I'd hate to live without these:

          BHS has converted our e-mail to Gmail, so all of us have a Google Account and can use Google Docs. GGratton, a teacher blogger, shares some

          great ideas for using Google Docs as a teacher and with your students.



  • Flickr: Store and share photos


  • SlideShare: Share slideshows and embed them on your webpages.


  • CoComment: Track your conversations across the web.


  • VoiceThread:Combine images, video, and audio to create masterpieces--all in a simple point & click fashion.



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