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Thanks for joining the discussion. Listed below are the four questions. To respond, click the "Discuss here" link beside each question. These questions come from an exercise suggested by the authors of Change Leadership: A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools. If you missed it, read the preface and chapter one.


Link to Discussion Discussion Question
Discuss Here  1. From your vantage point in the classroom, school, or district office, what do you see as the greatest challenge you and your colleagues face related to improving your “system” in response to the new challenges we face in education? What is the number one problem you are trying to solve?
Discuss Here

2. What are some of the organizational changes required to solve this problem? What practices, structures, or policies may need to change in classrooms, schools, and districts in order to solve this problem?

Discuss Here 3. Are there organizational and individual beliefs and behaviors associated with this problem that may need to change, beginning with your own? From what to what?
Dicuss Here

4. Finally, what might be some of the implications for leadership at your particular level to solve this problem? What might you, as a leader or group of leaders, have to do differently?














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